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Jul 22, 2018
I've been an RVer on and off for a dozen or so years. 

Version 1.0: was an old 27' Fleetwood trailer hauled behind my Yukon.  Trips to the mountains, and horse shows.  Wife and I don't ride, but the kid got riding lessons for her 10th birthday and we kept giving that gift for the next 12 years, eventually feeding it hay!

Version 2.0: Took a break after selling the trailer.  Then found a 99 newmar coach that we bought used, traveled in, and fell in love with.  We'd still have it, but fireworks on the 4th this year set the RV lot on fire.  Totalled.  :(

Version 3.0:  Rather than cry in our beer, we went looking.  Only meant to replace sadness with dreams when our coach's cousin jumped off of an add and said "BUY ME!" A little impulsive, but we did.  38' Newmar Dutchstar diesel pusher, with low but steady miles over the years. 

Never had a diesel before . . . Sooooo, Hi!


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Jul 26, 2015
pechols3 said:
38' Newmar Dutchstar diesel pusher,

Sorry for how you got there but congratulations on your new rig. I've got a 38' DS also, what year is yours?
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