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Jun 6, 2019
Hey all -

I have not made the jump to RVing yet (I'm not even sure I've ever even been in one, definitely not one moving!) but plan to sometime over a year from now.  My youngest is graduating high school and it's time for me to be mobile!  I'll be on my own, planning to work weekdays and camp, and travel weekends (unless I find a place I like alot!).  I work from home already so I only need internet access (and power) so not a big deal (I hope).  I haven't decided on what kind (brand,size) of machine I'm gonna buy, but I have a VW GTI to tow and will possibly have a motorcycle (got a BMW GS now, but thinking of downsizing to something a little more agile).  I want luxury, but I'm not buying new.  I know it will be a class A diesel for sure.  I DON'T want the interior to look like my grandma's place in Florida... Modern if possible (I can deal with an earlier model high-end that's been maintained and renovated/upgraded, like maybe a 90's Prevost).  Trying to keep the price under 100k (looks like there's some out there).  Not biting the bullet until next summer at least so whatever I'm looking at now will not likely be for sale then, but I get the general idea. 

Daniel Island, SC


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Sep 28, 2018
Welcome to the RV Forum Andy

Sounds like you may need to look into renting a RV. It will give you a taste of the lifestyle. Of course if you buy one then you get the responsibilities that go with ownership. ;D ;D


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Nov 8, 2009
Never RVd before I ha e to say its a horrible idea.
Rent and spend a couple of weeks i  one then decide if you can give up 99.5% of your stuff and live in 350SQFT.


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Aug 5, 2018
Rochester, NY
Hi Andy, welcome to the forum! That's quite a plan you have. Read read read and read some more on this forum. Some great advice. Preparing also can take the year if you'll have a lot of down sizing to do. Keep us informed along the way, I'd love to follow how it's going.
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