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Sep 25, 2005
Hi Everyone!
I'm new to this forum, although have been RV'ing for about four years now.  My husband and I have eight children (yes, count them . . . ) and bought our first TT in 2001 - a Bantam Hybrid with lots of sleeping space for all of the kiddies.  Since that time, as the teenagers got older, they found many new pursuits in high school which didn't involve spending time in the campgrounds with Mom and Dad and all the little siblings!  Consequently, we have decided to upgrade our TT to a 32' bunkhouse with beds for all of the kids who usually travel with us and a real bed for Dad and I (not the fold-out variety!).  Am hoping to get my hubby to camp along with us more often if he can sleep in an actual bed. 

We have not actually traded in our Bantam yet, but have put down a deposit on a Jayco Jayflight 31BHS and will probably be making the trade sometime this week.  Hope we're doing the right thing!  Any advice will be appreciated!

Always enjoy reading everyone's posts, and am learning a lot!

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Welcome to the Rv Forum and congratulations on the new rig.  Jayco's have a pretty good reputation and you should be in fine shape as long as you don't get one of the dreaded "lemons" that every RV manufacturers turns out from time to time.

Feel free to ask whatever  occurs to you - there are no dumb questions here.


Nov 6, 2005
Hi Parkymom! That TT of yours was right next to our 29FBS and it was my favorite. But they only had 2006 models and we saved over $6000 getting the 2005 29 FBS. An better choice for us anyway with kids as small as ours (4 and 2.5). The next one will for sure be a bunkhouse model with a second bedroom slide though. See you around the forums.
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