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bill holmes

New member
Nov 23, 2005
Hi all,
My name is Bill, my wifes name is Paula.We have plans in a few years(4) to leave Alaska and
go south.We have spent 22years up here and love the summers.
The winters are not as great as they were in the past.Bones are getting colder.I still work where I've been working for the past 15yrs, in the oil feilds on the North Slope.
Back in 89 after the oil spill up here we packed up the kids and dog, bought an old 77 Dodge Champion motor home and spent a wonderfull year in mexico.I asked paula when we left if there was a place she would like to live anywhere on our trip
we would stop and take up roots.We both loved Mexico and living in the motor home.We ended up comming back to Alaska (money ran out)
We plan on selling the house in Anchorage,keeping our cabin near Homer and the boat as well.
(We love deep sea fishing).Picking up a motor home that is just a few year old and heading out.Just the two of us this time.Snow bird I believe it's called.
Thanks for the forum


Steve CDN

Well-known member
Jan 31, 2005
Hi Bill,

Glad you found the Forum!  We'll be looking forward to your reports of progress and especially your insights to Forum members wishing to travel to Alaska.

Hope you make the RV Forum a regular part of your online activities.

Welcome :)


Moderator Emeritus
Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Hi Bill and Paula,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Sounds like you will be a good resource for those of us that hope to visit Alaska in the future.  Please join in any of the ongoing discussions or start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Glad you found us.  Looking forward to your participation here.

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