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Dec 27, 2005
Grove City, PA 16127
Hi everyone,

I'm Dave Thompson and my wife is Sue.  I'm 60 & she's 57.  We're looking ahead to retirement & maybe going the RV route to enjoy our winters in warmer locations.  So, we're open to ANY advice at all regarding what you've learned and what we should know before going this direction.  Decades ago, we had small camper trailers and loved it when our kids were "kids".  Now, we've begun looking at travel trailers (motorhomes are not an option).  And the ones that seem to appeal to us are in the 30' to 40' range.  So, a 3/4 ton truck would be needed.  But, before we go there, I'd like to find the best locations to start with...& see if we could rent for a week at a time.  And, do this over the next few years.

We're looking for RV Campgrounds that have great facilities and are not the big time resort locations.  Somewhere, that we can keep busy or chill-out depending on what we feel like doing.  The location should be free of snow, but we're not afraid of a little chilly air.

So, advice on the do's & don't's of this thinking would be greatly appreciated.

Once we find the best places, we may be open to purchasing Park Models in a particular area, or going with a purchase of a large travel trailer either to purchase in the south or from our home area.
What I would like to do is be a snowbird RV'er, at some point...and, this would not necessarily mean that it would be at one site every year, or maybe it would.

So, I can use all of the help that's out there.  Don't be shy!

Thanks for anything and everything.

Dave & Sue



Dec 20, 2005
Welcome Dave&Sue:
My wife and I have been rving a few years and are getting ready to go full time.
You couldn't have picked a better place than the forum for information.

To answer some of your questions, I have found using the Trailer Life Directory is very helpful.
You can go with resorts or save the coins and be con-fortable.

As we have found the vacation type rv's are not for full timing. Go as big as you can, need space.

Rent a few to get a good feel as to what suits you and the Miss.
We live in Florida NO SNOW but COOOL.

Good hunting,


Jan 13, 2005
Hi Dave and Sue. Welcome to our forum. I see you've already received one response and I'm sure some of our members will have more suggestions for you.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Hi Dave and Sue,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions, ask questions, or start new discussions relating to the RV lifestyle.  Glad you found us.
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