Inverter/Charger died

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Jul 5, 2018
I believe my Inverter finally gave way last weekend, we were out camping and running the generator and after some time the generator died, all the lights and everything shut off.  Went to turn the coach on and batteries were all dead.  Had to get it jumped to get the engine running again.  Fired the Generator back up and it did it again after some time.  Drained all the batteries.

I currently have the Trace Engineering Model 612 hooked up.  Any recommendations on what to replace it with? Without spending a fortune, if that is even possible. I do have 3 solar panels on the roof as well if that makes a difference.
IF the converter is working, you should have 13.5 V or more measured at the battery or panel or converter.  The battery, fully charged and converter OFF should read 12.6 V.  As such, a quick reading will tell you if the converter is working.

The INVerter is a separate unit in the same box, which uses battery power to provide 120VAC power.

I will defer to others for a replacement suggestion.
Before calling the inverter/charger dead, I first would check the breakers on the generator, then fuses on the inverter charger.

If the lights came back on when the gernerator was running then the CONVERTER or Charger module in the inverter/charger *IS* working.. now I can not tell you without a voltmeter reading if it is workign properly but it IS working.  else the lights would not come back on. they are battery voltage (12v) devices.

1: Paint Positive battery leads RED (Optional paint negative black)  Let dry
2: Take photograph of battery, Detailed enough to be able to restore from photo
3: Remove batteries to battery (not auto) store and have them tested.
4: If bad replace with GC-2 Pairs. (two six volt in series) may require modification to connections if your current batteries are 12 volt.  NOTE if your current are 12 make sure you have enough "head room" for the taller GC-2
Sorry I just got back to the post.  With the generator running, all the appliances, lights, etc work just fine.  I tested the voltage on the inverter/charger and was reading 12.00v, i let the air run and all the lights on for almost an hour and came back and the reading was still 12.00v.  Assuming that means it is at least working, not sure if its working properly as it is not going above 12.00v but it does seem to be working.
Sounds like the charger is not working should be reading about 13.6 volts . Disconnect the positive cable from battery and take a reading. If the battery is charged should read about 13 volts if it is only 12 volts the battery is dead. Then read the voltage on the positive cable not connected to battery that will be the charger output should be 13.6 to 14 volts. If you have a battery charger plug into 110 v with the generator running and charge the battery will probably take up to 4 hours to charge. Report back with results.
I wonder about your volt meter.  Check the voltage on your car battery.  It should read 12.6 with the engine off or 13.5 with the engine running.  Same as for the camper.

Based on the fact the battery voltage did NOT drop after that usage, the converter is probably functioning properly.  That is why I question the meter.

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