Is it too late??

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Feb 22, 2013
Hello to all from Margaret and Jack who may have waited far too long to make our move.  Been retired for nearly 20 years and wonder if anyone out there ever got such a late start in rving successfully.  Considering the class b group since time spent driving will far exceed that of living in.  All comments welcome. 
Welcome, Margaret and Jack!

Late is a state of mind...we started full timing and RV'ing at 62 and have often been in the younger group, so draw your own conclusions.

Use the time you have well and you won't be disappointed.

There is not just one way to enjoy this lifestyle'll see as others tell their own stories.  8)
So, Margaret and Jack - what took you so long?!?  ;)  Seriously, it's never too late to start a new adventure and RVing certainly qualifies for that!  Hope you enjoy both the RV Forum and all your new fun travels.

M & J, if you are serious about getting a Class-B, go to U-haul and rent a cargo van (one without side windows) and drive it around exclusively for 2 - 3 days! Feel confident driving it? Go buy your Class-B!! I think Uhaul charges $19.95/day plus something for mileage, it would be well worth the cost. Make sure to get the insurance... just in case! (weak joke)
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