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Jul 3, 2006
We are about to become first time buyers and are interested in Jay feather 29N (GVWR 6500, UVW 5120, 30' 8"L). We are concerned about low clearance, particularly how low the sewage discharge is. Dealer said factory can install 4" lift. Does a 4" lift affect towing performance and does it make a significant difference in the clearance? Is the lift worth the extra cost?

Our tow vehicle will be 2005 F-150 Lariat Supercrew 4x4 w/tow package, 5.4L V8, 18" wheels which lower its max tow rating rating to 8700 pounds, GVW 7200, curb weight 5600, GVWR 14500. Most all of the time their will be no more than two occupants (my wife and I).
We will be located in NM with plenty of mountains and hills. Is our tow vehicle OK for this TT?

Thanks for your help. We haven't made the plunge yet. We are also considering KZ Spree which has higher clearance but is more costly.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Since the trailer GVWR (max weight) is still well below your truck's 8700 lb tow rating, you should be fine. And the 8700 lb tow rating is probably fairly accurate, given the other numbers you listed. I calculate a minimum tow capacity of 7300 lbs when the truck is loaded to its max GVWR. That's based on a 14,500 GCWR minus the 7200 lb GVWR.  We like to see a gas-powered truck 10-20% under its max limits when hauling in mountainous areas.

As for the 4" lift, yes it does have a small effect, raising the center of gravity of the trailer by that that much. Tough to say whether that would create a noticeable handling problem, but during an extreme maneuver (swerving to avoid another care at high speeds) the trailer would be more likley to tip. I don't think I woud be concered during routine driving though.  The other effect is that the trailer roofline is that much higher, meaning you have to be a bit more careful of low clearances, especially tree limbs on campsites.


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Dec 6, 2005
Memphis TN
A co-worker friend of mine has a J-Feather (don't know the #, but I believe he told me 23') and had an F150. After 2 trips, he upgraded to an F250 with the diesel. Said the 150 did it, but it was a struggle.


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