Jayco Seneca or Gulfstream Endura

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Feb 7, 2006
Does anyone know much about these two Super C's? These both come with Diesel Duromax Engines but is Jayco a better name than Gulfstream or vice versa?  If you personally have any insight into either I would love to hear about it....

I spent some time resently with several installers for Camping World.? They didn't care for either.? They said that they've had to remove cabinets and rebuild walls in order to replace and/or service refrig in G/S.? This is not first hand but it's what I've heard.? Have you seen the Tiffin FRED?? It's a Class A with a FRont End Diesel.? I don't know anything about the FRED but Tiffin has a great rep for service now and after.
Personally I have NEVER been favorably impressed with Gulf stream products.  Have some friends that are probably in a legal battle with them now or soon will be.  Real serious problems and no support.  Front axle and rear axle over weight very little weight on the tag.

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