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May 29, 2006
Poulsbo WA
At the KOA site, they have a cartoon posted where someone in an RV says there's just one thing wrong about camping at Christmas time - no chimney.

Okay, so that's cute. But it got me to thinking. Is what most of us do really camping? My wife would no more go camping than fly to the moon. I'm not a real big fan of sleeping on the ground, either. Is enjoying a nice salmon dinner with cold chablis, followed by a movie and ending with a nice snooze in a queen-sized bed really camping? A hot shower in the morning and a scrambled egg and muffin breakfast with cold juice from the fridge and hot coffee at the touch of a button - is that camping?

we've only gone on a few trips - that will change when the weather breaks - but at one site I watched a couple struggle with their tent. Must have taken them a half-hour. I felt kind of bad for them as I reached for another cold beer from the dining table  ;D

I'm not being elitist. I understand tents are what many can afford and I'll bet a few who could buy and sell me just plain like to camp with a tent.

But - is a MH really camping?


JMO - No!  To me, it is like taking your motel suite along for the ride. 

Part of the camping experience is "roughing it".  That includes pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground (even though an air-mattress is permissible and probably adviseable ;D , and cooking over a camp-fire or site-provided charcoal grill.  No bathrooms and no showers, unless the site has them. 

I've tent-camped (camping) and back-packed for two weeks (really rough camping) and RV-ing just ain't it.   

RV-ing is more like....well, it's more like heaven!  :D




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Jan 30, 2006
I used to camp at state run campsites on islands on Lake George NY.  Had a 14 ft square cabin tent with vertical sides and air mattresses.  Propane grill, Hot showers every night,  Picked up ice every other day, shopping for food every 4 or 5 days, pit privy.  People told me that that wasn't "camping" either.


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Aug 11, 2006
RVing really is more like HEAVEN!  We've camped a lot and probably every time we camped, no matter how nice we had it, we commented that it would be so much better if we had a camper of some type.  Sleeping on the ground sucks, even with an air mattress.  Sex on the ground sucks, even with an air mattress. 

Years ago I heard that camping means taking everything you own to a remote location where you can pretend you don't have a house.  RV-ing is SOOOOOO much nicer than camping.  I love to have a fire, and I even like cooking over a fire, but that wears off after a couple of meals.  Sometimes it's hard to not have your mornay and hollandaise sauces curdle over a campfire.  You can make some pretty dang good nachos in a covered skillet over a fire too, providing you bring along sour cream and avacados.  I would always volunteer to make the trips to the store for ice and whatever so I could use the flush toilet in the store rather than the latrine at the campground.  The part about camping that I hate the MOST is unpacking after at trip. 


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Mar 25, 2005
Albany, NY
I call it RVing. We've done the camping "thing" -- and it's nothing like being in an RV.  :) (We stopped camping when the ground became harder and harder. I'm sure it wasn't that we were getting older . . .  :))
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