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Dec 13, 2006
Hi Everyone,

Me (Tom, 22) and my wife (Karla 22 don't hold that against us) have just arrived from Australia to start  our new adventure. Yes we may be young and dumb, but we will sure find out. We have landed in Michigan (I know what you are all thinking....Why Michigan?). We are planning on heading into Canada to drive from the
west to the east coast over 12 months. This might sound like a silly question, but is it possible to camp in a RV park during winter in Canada (Ontario, Quebec)
We have a 3500 GMC Diesel towing a 30ft fifth wheel. Please, any advice whether positive or negative would be appreciated.
Thank you
Tom & Karla


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Mar 3, 2005

We just (June/July 2006) drove across Canada from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario/Michigan to the east coast of Canada and then north to Newfoundland.  We found that there were NOT a lot of campgrounds until you get to the Ottawa/Toronto area and further east.  Also, they are seasonal (closed in the winter).

We suggest that, because it's winter, you drive across the southern US, let's say using interstate highway I-10.  Believe me you will be miserable driving the Trans-Canada highway during winter.  By the way, it is not a multiple lane freeway/interstate highway; it's a normal two lane highway.

Get a copy of the "Trailer Life Directory" from Camping World.  Call 1-800-574-7468.  This lists most all the campgrounds in the US and Canada.  It's indexed firat by state/province, and then city so you can look ahead to see campgrounds in the cities to which you are going.  It also tells you if they will be open or not during the winter.

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