Just Bought Our Very First RV and So Excited!

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Sep 17, 2019
Heber City, UT

My husband and I just bought (well, we're picking it up on Wednesday) a 1979 Apollo DB 2600 in really great shape. It's super retro, and I love it. I plan to make a few upgrades and do a bit of redecorating, but it really doesn't need all that much! We live in northern Utah (near Park City) and plan to use it mainly for short trips, but we are hoping to be able to take it home to Wisconsin to visit family next summer, too.

This is our first RV, and we're novices. My husband is a school bus driver, so he has some knowledge that is helpful when it comes to RVing... I'm pretty clueless, though.

I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and learning from all of you!  :D


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Welcome to the forum.  One of the 1st items you must look at is the manufacturers date of the tires. If they are 7/8 years old, you should replace them.
I'm sure you'll have a million questions to ask and we'll be happy to answer all of them. Remember that no question is a dumb question. If you don't know the answer, it's not dumb to ask.  All we ask is that you start a post for each question you have. It's much easier and less confusing for us to respond. If you post it in the wrong section, that's not a problem. If one of the staff members feel you'd get better exposure if it was in another section, they'll just move it for you.
Check out our library above, There's a ton of information to get you going on this new adventure you're embarking on. Enjoy and safe travels.
Any 40 year old vehicle or house is bound to have some surprises in store for you, but have fun and don't let the setbacks wear you down.  We can help with whatever arises.

Being able to drive the coach is a good start, but you will have some maintenance issues if things have not been kept up.  I know, I am on a second vintage coach.  The first was as new as yours.  It was a 1979 Cayo.  Our current coach is older, but with care it has been as reliable as can be hoped. 

Things to do right away:
Identify the chassis.  You will need parts and without this, it will be hopeless.
Collect the tire dates (as said above), do not count on old tires no matter how good they look.
Start two notebooks.  One has the model and S/N of everything carried aboard, the other is a chassis maintenance log. 

I hope DH is also a decent technician.  He should inspect all the rubber everywhere.  Not just tires, that is a given, but also all the belts, and coolant, brake and fuel lines.  Fuel lines are big issue because "motorfuel" has changed since this coach was assembled.  (Trust me on this.) And any fuel lines over 20 years old will not be compatible with what is sold from gas pumps today.  He may even have to take the gas tank down to replace those lines with new, but if it is not corrected then there is a very good chance that it will go bad on the road. 

Just for information, on both my coaches that I did, it was less than 1000$ in material and about a week or two of evenings replacing all that stuff and refilling the coolant and bleeding the brakes.  The coolant and brake fluid should probably be changed too.

Can a coach this old be reliable?  Our sure is, the current is a 1973 with about 180K on it.  We have had on the road break downs.  But in 15 travel seasons and about 80K that we have driven here, we have been on a hook twice. 

Yup the first one is always very exciting.....oh wait so are all of them. Currently on my 6th one.
Have a blast!
Thanks, everyone! Great recommendations and advice. I know we've got quite the learning experience ahead of us. It's a bit daunting but also exciting! I'm sure I'll be back soon with lots of questions!  ;D

I used that RV repair place in SLC a couple years ago and they were excellent.

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Arch Hoagland said:

I used that RV repair place in SLC a couple years ago and they were excellent.

That's great to hear, because they actually did a lot of work on this RV for the guy that we bought it from. It looks and runs great (and if you know anything about Parley's Canyon between SLC and Park City, it made it up the pass without an issue!). We've got a few projects to get started on, but so far, we haven't come across anything major!
Lived in SLC 1968 to 1970.  Do I remember Parley's Canyon.....Boy howdy. That was one steep climb.

We go to SLC every two years for family reunion.

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