Just Starting and Having a Nightmare

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Aug 12, 2018
We recently bought our first Class C and so definitely new to the group! My husband and I were so excited to purchase our RV for a trip out west next year for a month to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. I was using some inheritance that my precious parents had left me and just super excited to finally be able to get this... until as we were driving it home from buying it, it was raining and I was driving behind it and noticing the window moving:( Yep... unfortunately we were lied too about leaks, and even though my husband searched and pounded on walls, etc... looking for leaks, they had had bed pillows propped up at headboard(under window) and he missed it! Our fault and I became sick over it! I don't have alot of money to deal with here and I just couldn't believe that people lied to us. Told us they were selling it because she had to take care of her sick mother! Anyway... we are trying to make the most of this and my husband has already replaced all of the back and other then some small bubbling from delaminating, we think we are okay.  Our question is this... what caulking do we use for sealing? And he is going to try to fix the laminating problem but unsure of what exactly to go with. He has been reading up on it but of course everyone says something different. Any suggestions? I also plan on "remodeling"  the inside to make it like a farmhouse look so we are praying that we haven't taken on more then we should have! We just wanted something to relax and spend time together as we get older, starting with our trip next year. Now we have this and wonder if we should just sell and continue with hotel living:(


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May 30, 2018
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In order to stop a window leaking it MUST be removed and resealed.
Use something like Heng's butyl tape.
When the window and frame are out it is necessary to clean off all the old caulking etc before placing the butyl tape down. If applied correctly it will ooze out of the joint slightly to make a good seal. Butyl tape comes in various widths use the correct width for your application. It is also available in colors to more or less match your rig. It is used between the frame and outside of the rig. Some people will also plase somt thin rubber plastic around the rough opening to cover the raw edge and stop incursion into the wall.


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Apr 16, 2014
As far as delam, here's a link from one of our site's sponsors. They probably have just what you need.


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Feb 2, 2005
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Sorry to hear of your RV troubles and hope things begin to look up soon!

The proper caulking depends on what joint we are talking about.  As Darsben stated, window frames are sealed with butyl tape caulk between the metal frame and the sidewall, plus a thin bead of a clear sealant along the top and sides once the frame is in place. Silicone is ok for that thin bead, but not much of anywhere else.

Seams in the sidewalls and around fixtures on the walls can use most any kind of exterior grade caulk. I like Geocel Proflex RV, but most any caulk suitable for windows and doors will work ok.
For seams on the roof, use a self-leveling caulk such as Dicor 501LSW. It is compatible with all types of RV roof materials and has excellent stretching and sticking properties.https://www.amazon.com/Dicor-501LSW-1-Lap-Sealant-10-3/dp/B000BRF7QE/
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