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Jun 28, 2012
Saginaw, TX (north fort worth area)
This popup box keeps happening.  It says justcheck.exe, Verified publisher Sun Microsystems.  I've been saying cancel, (but it pops up every day,) as Ned said on another thread that Java has some security issues, and I believe Sun is the one that is involved with Java. 

Should I be stopping this? 

What does it do?

Indeed, in particular if it was 'signed' by Sun..  There have been several high profile signing certificates that the bad guys got hold of.  Make sure you update your system, root certificate update should show any bad code signatures as bad.
justcheck.exe is not a Java update checker, I don't believe.  jucheck.exe is the valid Java update checker.  Also, Java is now the property of Oracle, Sun no longer owns it.  I recommend you run several good malware scanners, starting the Malwarebytes, and do not let justcheck.exe run.

A Google search on justcheck.exe will turn up a lot of references to this program, but also a lot of mistaking it for jucheck.exe.
Thanks, did a manual Virus scan and removed some spyware.  The only thing it could have come from is an e-mail that I thought was from a friend that turned out not to be.  I closed it down and the next time I turned on the computer I started getting this popup.  I'm glad my software required me to OK it before it let it run.  Thanks again all.
That is a common infection vector.. My computer does not download E-mail, Ever (No client capable of doing so installed)  I've seen infected E-mails in my In-box... Sent them to the old digital black hole without them ever seeing my computer.

A friend of mine sent me an E-mail the other day, or so it appeared,, I sent it back and he confirmed that he had not sent it (It was not the type of thing he'd send)  Since I did not have him in my address book.. I assume someone hacked his E-mail.
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