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Oct 24, 2011

I was wondering if there is an index of all the new types of electronic devices for communication, internet and so on for use in RV's. Seems like there are so many these days those of us who don't keep track or aren't as knowledgeable have no idea what items do what. Anyone even care to try to post a listing of these devices for the library or this thread even?

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Good question, and there are two answers.. Though there are several threads in most every RV forum thjat list the assorted ways we can access the net

Park Wi-Fi

To list all the different make and models, epically in the "Cellular" field, is beyond posibility cause the time you complete the list there will be new models out.. In fact by the time you finish reading this there will likely be a new model out.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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There is already an article in the forum library titled Internet Access On The Road, though it may be due for an update by now.

Most cell phones can also access the internet these days, but a "smart" phone can also act as a wifi "hotspot" to allow other wifi-enabled devices (such as a laptop computer) share the phone's internet access.

You can access the internet via cellular telephone system using a dedicated cellular modem (a device that does data only - no voice). There are two types - a USB plug-in (aka "dongle") that goes directly into a single computer, and a wifi "hot spot" type that allows multiple computers or other devices to connect via wifi to the modem.  The hot spot type is often referred to as a "Mifi", after the name of the first such unit.  "Mifi" has become synonymous with 'wifi cellular modem' just like Coke for cola drinks and Kleenex for tissues.

You can also get internet access via satellite (different than satellite tv but the same concept).

Since many campgrounds and businesses have public wifi available to provide internet access to their customers, a lot of RVers take advantage of this service, which is often free. There are numerous devices made to improve the quality and range of wifi access.

I won't even attempt to list the various makes and models of devices available. As John from Detroit said, the list would probably be obsolete before I got done typing it.
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