Keystone 2020-which crank to manually bring in slide?

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Apr 16, 2023
Fort Lauderdale
Hello all! Like many of you I’m getting ready for camping season. Upon opening my Keystone 2020 bullet 273bhs up I noticed the slide and landing gear weren’t working. I’ve spent the past few days with an RV tech trying to figure out why they wouldn’t my It looks like we finally figured it out.

However, I don’t want to be in the position where I can’t manually bring them in if need be. I have the crank attachment for the landing gear so we’re good there but can’t seem to find the crank to manually bring in the slide. Also can someone confirm this is the spindle I would use to manually bring it in the slide? Nothing else on the outside under the slide makes sense except this.

There is the slide motor inside the camper at the back of the slide if I pull of the fascia off but even with the extended drill attachment it is a SOB to get to. I would rather be outside manually cranking it then trying to connect my drill inside.

Anyway, if anyone knows what connects to this, as far as manually cranking it, I would appreciate a link. It’s round with a hole at the bottom.


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I only recall helping a friend with some issues on his 2012 Bullet so my direct knowledge is a little limited but that does not look like anything I have see to drive a slide. If you mean the white thing sticking down, that looks like some sort of plumbing to me. I would expect anything to move a slide to be made of metal.
Our 2011 Jayco you had to lay on your back and use a ratcheting box end wrench. I never had to do this but I got lucky as my slide wouldn't go out after getting home from a trip
The owners manual said you used a socket with the handle that you lowered the spare tire with but there was no way to do this.

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