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El Diablo

New member
Aug 9, 2022
St Cloud, MN
Hello. I'm looking for some help tracking down replacement arms for the awning on my 2012 Keystone Vantage. Dometic no longer makes the curved arms I need, so I need a different solution. I can't be the first owner to have this problem. Anyone else out there solve this yet?


Well-known member
Sep 9, 2019
Ontario, Canada
A wreck yard might be the answer...

Although maybe replacing the awning altogether would be better.


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Oct 6, 2017
50 miles south of Atlanta, GA
Do the arms have bends both top and bottom? The top bend would be in the main part of the arm, and the lower bend would be in the lower telescoping section of the arm.

This is the same setup Bigfoots have and someone had the same problem. Their lower arm segments were still good, just the upper forward arm damaged. They found that Dometic has straight arm kits that you can buy and reuse the lower (bent) arms (if still good).

Here is the result when the straight uppers and rafters were used with the bent lowers on a Bigfoot.

Dometic sent BigfootRV scrambling when they went to order more awnings and were told that Dometic had decided to discontinue them. Blocking has to be bonded in during construction so you cannot just switch to something else. Carefree of Colorado came thru with something that works for the factory.

Personally I like awnings with arms and rafters. Americans have the desire for the easy life and so they want a push button awning so that is all that is sold now. In Australia the A&E 8500 awnings are still popular and being installed by caravan manufacturers.

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