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Oct 30, 2018
East Central Florida
Ventilation fan in bedroom simply stopped working.  I?m not that handy, but it?s just a little electric motor so thinking I could replace easily..removed screen, handle, trim..oh my, can?t get to motor.  Watched YouTube and appears need to take entire unit out..ugh, I have no desire to open the hole in the roof of my almost new RV.  Checking power, no power to fan from switch.  Finally cut wires, find power in to switch (which is a little pc board). Jump past switch & fan works.  Hum..
    Call Airxcel and super helpful customer service quickly finds part..$16. Ok, I?ll take it.  As he?s getting info I ask ?how long should this last??  Then he asks age of RV etc..I?m second owner..he says ?you should make a warranty claim?.  $16, heck man just send it to me...long story short short, in 2 minutes he says it?s on the way, no charge.
  I can?t think of last time I had so positive an interaction with any customer service..with so many complaints about RV mugs, dealers etc, just wanted to share a positive experience. 
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