kwikee blowing fuse

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Jun 1, 2011
1996 Southwind, F53 Ford, 35ft. kwikee steps have worked fine for years, today they wouldn't work. The 25 amp fuse was blown, replaced it and the steps worked fine, in and out a number of times. Tried them again after a couple of hours, wouldn't work, had left the steps out, fuse blown again. Got anther fuse and when I tried to plug the fuse in there was a significant spark like the motor was still drawing a lot of current. I don't work well with electric problems. P/N on the controller is 90950600. Serial number on the steps is 157532 series 32. Motor number is 5973820. Thanks Much for any ideas


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
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I am not the expert, but it sounds to me like there is more power required to open the steps than in the past, that lubrication may help.  It may also be a faulty switch to shut the motor off when the steps are fully extended.

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