Ladder installatiion

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Oct 15, 2012
I have a 1997 Safari Serengeti. I want to put a ladder on the back, but have read briefly that you must make sure to secure it properly to the infrastructure. How do I know where the structural beams are? Are they like they are in a house? The manufacturer is long out of business so I can't ask them. Is this a relatively easy thing to do or. Just one have it professionally installed?


Jan 13, 2005
Your motorhome will likely have a metal cage - see the simplified version in this diagram. It's highly unlikely that you'd find an equivalent diagram for your Serengetti, unless someone happens to have one in their archives. Folks use various ways to locate their cage, including:

- Early morning, when there's a dew, you might see the outline of the members of the cage on the outside of the coach.

- If you have a steel cage vs aluminum, a strong magnet might help.

Meanwhile, it's likely that a factory installed ladder would be fastened to wood blocks 'glassed' on the inside of the rear wall. Maybe someone has a crative way of locating the blocks e.g. with a stud finder, assuming that the factory installed blocks.
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