Las Vegas to I-5

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Mar 24, 2005
Las Vegas, NV (when not traveling)
Normally, when we head out of Las Vegas to I-5 Northbound, we take I-15 to CA-58 in Barstow to Bakersfield and then Stockdale Highway to I-5 North.  This road is pretty boring and can get nasty in the Tehachapi's during the winter.

I heard about a slight detour that keeps you out of the mountains and would like to see if anyone has tried it.

It travels I-15 to CA-58, but turns South on CA-14 in Mojave and then West on CA-138 in Lancaster which either connects directly to I-5 or has a shortcut on Gorman Post Rd in Lebec to I-5.

Any information would be appreciated!

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