Laughlin (Clark Co.) Nevada, New Dry camping regs

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Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
All things considered, it probably is not all that bad if it forces casinos to provide dumpstations and such.? ?The regulations on RVs should be simple.? ?Other than fresh water, thou shalt not dump except in an approved and permitted sewer inlet nor shall you? leave thy gray or black tanks open and uncapped while in camp or in transit.

The only hesitation I would have is that it turns into a bureaucratic studying frenzy.


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Jun 23, 2006
Wandering the Old West
There are dump stations at Harrah's and a free one at the Ramada. I think the problem is that the health department had to do something to save face after they goofed up last January. I have a problem with the government regulations that are not needed. If you have a self contained RV, then that should speak for itself. However, there were people who did violate the law ( Ramada for one), so maybe there should be some regs. I did notice the Rver was restricted to 30 days...whatever that means. 30 at one lot, 30 at another, 30 in the town, 30 in the county...etc. Truckers are exempt.
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