Leaking American Tradition 40T

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May 19, 2005
We purchased a new 2003 American Tradition 40T.  It has leaked water into the coach since we purchased it.  Fleetwood factory has tried to fix the problem on eight different occasions to no avail.  We are currently tiring to get Fleetwood to either replace the coach or refund our money.  I was wondering if any one else has had or still has a similar problem with this same model coach.  Please let me know of your experience.

Rick C

Where is the water coming into the coach?  Is the 2003 the new body style or the body style like 98, 99, 2000?

We have a '98 Dream which had some leaks that I solved myself, so I'll be interested in the location of your problem. 

Have you had the Tradition to the American Coach service center in Decatur Ind or elswhere?  The guys in Decatur are pretty good at finding and fixing.  Where is the leak showing up inside?

We have a 99 American Eagle amd have been very happy with the coach.
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