Leaving dogs in RV

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May 11, 2022
USA, California
Let's res an old thread, I've done a fair amount of thinking on this and was wanting to share some of those thoughts:
1. Consider leaving your name and contact number on the door of your RV so if someone has concerns about the pet they can contact you or an emergency contact.
2. Consider putting a thermometer of that reads the inside temp and an easily visible place by the front door.
3. Consider using remote monitoring smart devices.
4. For dogs that may have a tendency to bark consider using a citronella collar and before that (for any dog, or cat) very kind and thoughtful and well done training and conditioning.
when i leave my dog in the car it has "dog mode" and the screen displays a message saying what the current inside temp is. But I've still had people stand by my car all pissy when i walked back to it. I'd explain it to them and then open the door and let them feel the cold air but karen is still gonna karen.

I've tried vibrating bark collars and I've tried the citronella collars they have NO effect on getting my dog to stop barking i want to try some mamajuana calming chews but they are illegal where i live, I've heard they work for dogs like mine. luckily he only barks for about 10 min when i leave. but he will bark at passerby's.
I have a tiny trailer so leaving him inside isn't the best option but also he'd scratch up the inside trying to get outside if i locked him in. so I'm just gonna have to leave him tied up outside in the shade of the awning and let him be anytime i have to leave for something he can't come with, like groceries or the shower.
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