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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
Hey guys...
In a quest to make my motorcycle more visible from behind I have swapped out incandescent bulbs with LED's.  Plus a kit to turn my turn signals to running lights / turn and brake lights.  Went from an amber bulb to a 32 bulb LED board.  WAY brighter and legal, (amber can't be rear running light). 

So, I was thinking as I was looking into other LED's to swap out my front signals, I ought to swap them out in my camper and truck.  Anyone else ever get around to swapping out on your RV? 

Supply, seems that internet and eBay is the way to go.  I drove around to different auto parts stores last night and none had the stuff I wanted.  Sure they have the LED kits to light the underside of the coach like a low rider, but no replacement lights. 

Lots of new coaches have now gone to using LED's, with the increased brightness and long life they are a natural! 


Jim Godward

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Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon

I have just ordered new LED clearance lights for the MH.  They are direct replacemants for the old bulb ones made by the same company.  Check yours out and get the make and any numbers from the ones there and then go to a truck parts store, in my case Freightliner, and order the replacemants.  You probably should check with the manufacturer to be sure you have the right P/N for the LED ones.  Mine were $ 9+each with no taxes - MT doesn't have sales tax.  I found some as cheap as $3 but couldn't make them fit!! 

There are some alternate sources for LEDs to replace other RV type lights, like the courtesy/night lights some of us have.  Also I have seen some bulb direct replacements in WalMart.
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