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Jun 16, 2024
N. W. Ohio
Not new to Rving but new to having a Tri Axle. What is the best way to level out once stopped to camp for a few days? I've been looking at the leveling blocks and it seems i may need quite a few of those in order to make a ramp to get to the height I may need.
With a Tri Axel it can be a problem if you need multiple layers because you need .. sometimes.. LONG planks Like six feet or more.

For my single axel A I made stair steps a 3' 2x12 a 2' 2x12 and a 1' 2 by 12
Rarely did I need more (They were glued together not screwed)
Had one dual axel where the poor guy was having the devil's own time getting both wheels on the boards. Finally I told him to make it level we'd pick it up and center the boards.. Got that look (Is this guy crazy) and while he leveled it I fetched my 12 ton bottle jack.
If you have a trailer big enough to be a tri-axle, start saving your money for a leveling system (jacks). Preferably electric/hydraulic. The planks or stacks of plastic blocks needed for manual leveling is a nuisance to carry and use.
It's really simple with our tri-axle, I push " auto-level ".
Our last 5er we had Equalizer install hydraulic levelers and after 1st use. I said never will I own a rv without it.

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