Lindy Class C Motorhome?

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Mar 10, 2006
Anybody know anything about Lindy class c motorhomes?

Thanks in advance


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Jan 22, 2006
Not sure when they stopped building them but have seen a few on the road in years past.  A former neighbor of ours had a 90 or 91 for quite a few years and was happy with it.  They sold it about 5 year ago.  Not familiar enough with them to give advice but sure they were on Ford (recommended) or Chev chassis ( trouble overheating in 90 - 91) as I recall, but then at my age not sure of anything anymore.  Chassis will be basic as any other unit and the camper part shuld be likewise.  They didn't differ much at that period of time.  Good Luck. Sorry can't be of much assistance.  Think they made them in 18ft to 26ft, but only a couple of years or so.
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