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Sep 15, 2006
Long Island NY
Though I'm new on the Forum and still just trying to figure out what type of RV will fit my style and plans, there is one area I can help with. Being life long resident of Long Island, I have 51 years navigating, camping and seeking out it's special places.

I would be more then happy to help with information or recommendations for a variety topics about Long Island or Lower New York State.

Hi Mike,

Care to share your secret spots for great Blue fishing or Boston mackerel run early spring. Is it Long Island Sound or Atlantic Ocean side ? I used to fish in City Island, NY 25 years ago until I moved to Texas. Its common to get 400 "Holy Mackerels" with 3 person in boat fishing just under 2 hours using a "Christmas tree" jig with 5 separate hooks each pole.
Thanks for volunteering to help there Mike. I'm sure a number of folks will be glad of the help and advice.
vlady daddy said:
Hi Mike,

Care to share your secret spots for great Blue fishing or Boston mackerel run early spring. Is it Long Island Sound or Atlantic Ocean side ? I used to fish in City Island, NY 25 years ago until I moved to Texas.

I am not salt water guy - we have some great trout and bass spots on the Island.

But!! I work with a guy who mates on charter fishing boats, so I will pose your question to him and get back to you.

Montauk (extreme eastern - but looks northern tip of the Isle) is a salt water fishery hotspot, there is a State Park - Hither Hills which allows camping, also a County Park - Cedar Point puts you in that area. Another county Park, Indian Island is located at the bottom of the two forks, right on Peconics Bay and has fishing right off it's beach - snappers and such run in August for example.

Find information for Hither Hills Hither Hills State Park - LI, NY

About.com has a good article about Camping on Long Island Here - It lists all of the parks on Suburban Long Island

In Suffolk County you MUST have a GreenKey Card to use the parks - there is a tourist version available information about purchasing a Green Key or Tourist green key can be found Here

There is also a private campgroup in Greenport, Eastern Long Island Campgrounds, located on what we know as the SouthFork, also has some access to fishing. Most noted for it's Wine Tours though. the web site is Here

I know a lot of surf fishing people did well with the blues there. As you know, you can even catch them with tin foil...when they are running. Don't know about charter boats there, but do know off the Jersey coast. Years ago, before shark became acceptable, the charter boats would cut your line if you had a shark on it. All I knew of were the sand sharks...nothing exotic ;) ............
Interesting Mike. Thanks. I got back there to do some research ( Hamptons, Sag Harbor, Montauk) because the old blood line goes back to the revolutionary war. They lived in the area and one fellow took some cattle from Montauk to Conn. Way off topic for sharks though. Didn't realize the great whites were in the area......learn something all the time:)
How about your unofficial top 10 Nude Beach in Long Island ? I know of two in the early 70's.? And no, it was not an excuse to the cops's that nudity was use as a shark repellent.

On Travis Lake in Austin, we have Hippie Hallow, the only public nude beach in Texas. 2 years ago, a double decker party barge capsized when passengers moved to one side of the boat as it approached the nude beach. Of all place Austin the state capital of Texas, we have a nude beach, go figure.
Is there any place on Long Island that can handle a 45 ft. class A?  Preferably close to Huntington?

If there is, how would you suggest getting out to the Island?  Last time I was there was in a class C and i believe we took the GW bridge and then on to the Triborough.

Good Morning Al,

The Closest park that could handle your rig is Blydenburgh County Park - Smithtown, I've seen large rigs in the park many times. Blydenburgh is kind of my "home" park, it's about 20 to 30 minutes from work/home, so I can camp there even on school days.

Smithtown and Huntington share a border as you can see on this map, run your mouse over it and the town names appear.

Bear in mind that the county parks offer no hook-ups. The do allow generators during non quiet hours. Some sites do have water nearby, in "hoseable" distance, with a Y connector you could most likely stay connected to water at least. You do need the Tourist Green Card as outlined above.

As far as the "best" way in, that varies with construction schedules and time of the year - your route for example is better if the Yankees aren't playing. Driving onto or off of Long Island is always a burden during normal travel hours, things get better later at night (but now we are starting to do overnight constuction - so that screws things up a bit) or very early morning.

I'll have to talk to some buddies about how they get their rigs on and off the Island and get back to you.


Addendum: Blydeburgh does have a Dump Station Fee Charged for use.
Noticed that the "mouseover" feature on the map of Suffolk County I mentioned above doesn't function in all browsers so here is another, that includes town names Suffolk Town Map
Hi Mike

We were planning to stay at Liberty Harbor RV Park on Sept 25th for 5 nights. Despite emailing them over a month ago, and again last week, they have just emailed to say they're full.

Now we are stuck.

Do you, or anyone else, know of any CGs close to all the action and attractions in New York ?

We've been told the nearest will be at least 60 miles away.

Someone suggested staying at the KOA as they have tours into the City - but it's our wedding anniversary and we want to do a show and meal and generally stay out late - not something your normal tour bus handles.

UK-RV said:
Do you, or anyone else, know of any CGs close to all the action and attractions in New York ?


Hi Paul,

I know there are Parks in Westchester for example this County Park in Croton on the Hudson is about 30 miles north of NYC
Click here for the Park
I will call them in the morning to see how the handle non residents.

The other alternative is a park in Nassau County Battle Row Campground
Again I am going to have to call in the AM to find out their policy.

Also this NY State Park Beaver Pond Campgrounds
About 25 miles from the George Washington Bridge.

They only other thing I can suggest is to go to the KOA in Newburg (Click here) and either use MetroNorth rail or Amtrak - nearby stations for both for your trip into the City, you might even be able to get a good deal on an overnighter in the city.

That's about as close to the City as you are going to get to NYC - hope this helps


Thanks for the list.

Don't worry about calling the Parks - unless to provide info for others.

I've found a website at http://www.nycampgrounds.com/hudson.html which lists a number of CGs and shows how far they are from NYC.

I'm now trying to decide between the KOA and Black Bear CG - you mentioned the rail system - would you know if it passes Black Bear CG ?

LOL - I had looked at Hotel prices for NYC, which arent much more expensive than the CGs, but I don't fancy carrying a large suitcase full of Ann-Marie's "overnight essentials" just for 1 night away.

We live in Greenport and can strongly reccomend Eastern LI Campgrounds it's a wonderful place owned and operated by very nice people. Lived here all my life and we are surrounded by water and plenty to see with several winery tours also available.

Gary & Eileen
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