Longer studs or shorter lugnuts?

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May 25, 2019
Edgewood, Washington
My E-450 1999 Itasca 27' class C has the usual stainless steel wheel covers like so many do. You know--the kind with the two dimpled retainer lug nuts that hold them on.

Problem: the front wheels have only about a thread and a half protruding through the lug nuts with which to attach the wheel cover with. The wheel covers do fit on (with lots of grunting), but I'm wondering anyone else has dealt with this.

Bottom line: The lug bolts are too short for the wheel thickness.

The "correct" fix would obviously be to replace the lug bolts with some that are of a good length, but has anyone ever tried or found any lug nuts that are slightly thinner? I would think just a couple additional screw threads would satisfy me. I suppose I could have them each milled to remove a couple threads worth of nut thickness... it's doubtful it would cause them to be compromised.


Rene T

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
I would never machine the height of the nuts. They are very important that you have full engagement as designed.

Now if they were only being used to hold up a shelf, that would be different. But wheels on a MH!!!!!
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