looking at 2002 coachmen Somerset 294RKS any thoughts

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Mar 5, 2006
looking at purchasing a 2002 Coachman Somerset Dream C. 294rks. it has some nice upgrades and two slides. It has never been titled or registered ( I verified this today), It is new!. I realize from other comments that hoses, batteries, tires will all need to be looked at or replaced. I called Coachman and I will get the warranty, which amazed me. Of course I am not sure on all the other warranties like refrig, ac, micro etc.

Anyway, anyone have any comments about this Coachman. Are they good units?. it will be my first and I am a bit nerved up. I will be pulling it with a F350 4x4 CC short bed and I have a subject out already about that short bed issue.

What do you guys think. I am paying dear for it at 22k

Thanks Mary
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