Looking for 2 RV?s for evacuees from Paradise CA

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Nov 24, 2018
Hi everyone!

Hoping this is the right place to share this. 

I am currently looking for two RV?s or trailers for two families from Paradise, CA.  Both families have lost everything in the fires that have devastated the area, and left an entire town of 27k homeless.  One family is in urgent need of something to live in, they are a young family with 6 small children living in their SUV right now.  Both have jobs, and are still able to work, but have been unsuccessful in finding anyplace that will take their family because of the number of people. 

The other family is a family of four, a single dad and his three children, looking to purchase an RV or trailer that they could set up on a family member?s lot. 

If any of you can help in any way, I?d be incredibly grateful. These families both have been reluctant to accept even small donations, like gift cards, saying that there are probably others who need it more than they do.  The humility and caring for others, even in their own time of need, was remarkable.

Thank you.
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