Looking for a C with a few specifics

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Dave FL

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Nov 12, 2006
Hopefully the combined experience of this group will be able to narrow the field of choices. :eek:

Probably should have labeled this as a B+ rather than a C but even manufacturers seem to have a problem labeling b and c.
Just the two of us, no dogs cats or kids, so sleeping, eating and relaxing for two,  to be used for touring, not full time living, we have a home so only go out to see the country for a couple of months at a time.

We have been MHing for 30 yrs,  what we like from years of camping and boating, but there are so many different models when you consider manufacturer, various floor plans, and age of unit.
I would like a unit as short as possible with entertainment center, with comfortable seating to see the tv, dinette, walk around queen bed, shower, no slides, and minimum outside storage.

Sounds easy until you find out that manufacturers consider a walk around queen even when you would have to walk toe to heel as 6 inches clearance doesn't allow standing on side to make bed!
The shower has to be at floor level, can be a tub but shouldn't have more than a couple of inches difference between shower floor and the area you are stepping into the tub. Mounting the shower over the rear wheels making it impossible to enter for a person with llimited movement or dexterity.
If the unit is short a slide would be acceptable, but we do not need it to have a ballroom in the kitchen or dining area, counter space more iimportant for preparing a meal.
From years of travel we know we need space for hose, electric cord, tools, extra battery, lawn chairs, and small grill.

Why do I want short as possible, ease of driving, parking, distance to rear bumper from rear wheels and the overhang causing problems at driveways and uneven roadways.  Also less strain on toad whipping from extended overhang.

Of course cost is a factor and have researched that to about 3-4 yrs old unit where depreciation starts to fall off.

In advance I would thank all those that might be able to assist,



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Sep 15, 2005
Southern CA
We had the exact same requirements as you state. The shortest we found [ and bought ] was the 27' Winnebago.
I had wanted a Born Free but a year ago they did not offer the 30' island queen they have now. Also Lazy Daze discontinued their 26' island queen. We are happy with the Minne, but if I had to do over I would go with Born Free.
Hope this helps some.



Sep 12, 2006
bronx new york city
I to have done a lot of research and we are going with the four winds citation model 26BE which is about 27ft long. we are getting the rv with the leather couch up front, no dinette.the couch comes with a detachable pedistal table. I feel that the dinette is not a comfortable place to watch tv up front.the rv will be on the chevy chassis ,which has more legroom up front and also a better ride than the ford E 450 chassis. the bedroom has a queen bed and a very large clothes closet. I failed to tell you that the front couch has storage under for some bag chairs and a roll up bag table. there is limited storage outside for large chairs. we to are using it for touring. The toilet is separate and is with the shower and has easy entry. I am trying to get 28.5%off a list of $79877 for a net around $57,000.
Go to their website www.fourwinds-rv.com. they also make a seista which is a sister coach. we like the fabrics (matrix green) on the citation. Happy travels tony
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