Looking for front window curtains

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Jul 6, 2010
I have blackout curtains that snap around the front area for my Class C, but several years ago, I got some black mesh "speaker box" fabric and used the iron-on tape to make some quick curtains that I could use to cut down glare. (Just folded the fabric with the iron-on tape inside to make seams. Best to make them bigger than needed so they will cover all sides completely with a little slack.) When I had the seams sealed on all four sides, I used a snap kit to put snaps on one side. I could see out, but no one could see in during the day.

During the night, I use the blackout curtains and snap them into place. In the morning, I take them down and replace them with the black mesh version I made.

If you don't have snaps on your vehicle, they are easy to install. Just get a snap kit from JoAnn Fabrics and then drill little holes and screw the bottom parts of the snaps in with short screws.


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Oct 16, 2010
another make your own, Jo Anns, Hobby lobby, or search fabric stores in your area. Wife had made all owns for years, tired of one out it goes and new goes up.

My wife has made curtains for the front and side windows. She's now planning on going with Roman shades for the side windows.

Henry J Fate

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Jun 14, 2018
If you have the old curtain, save the guide strip at the top of the material as this will need to be attached to the new curtain. The curtains can be washed too. Mine was terribly stained when I first acquired my current rig and I thought it was needing replacement but was able to get it down and wash it with a little elbow grease and got all the water stains out of it. It's a little faded but fine and clean.

If you do not have the old curtain, check to see if there is a track above the windshield. You will need to replicate a guide strip for that track or replace the whole thing.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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They need to be tailored to the specific RV layout, or at least sized to be close. There are some generic sizes that are "close enough" to work with some popular RV models. Amazon & Ebay have some of those.

Here are some custom made sources:



Oct 25, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Blackout vinyl and velcro, all at your local sewing store. Make your own, compact, and keeps it dark inside, and no shadows.
I'm on your side, DIY is the best decision here, typical variants are boring and only you know what’s best for you. For these cases, we got a handheld sewing machine(similar to this). We travel a lot and to my mind, it's must-have equipment for a while on the go

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