Looking for good TT, is there anything that compares to Crossroads Cruiser?

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Feb 8, 2006
I'm looking for a travel trailer (no 5ers) that I can pull with my Nissan Armada (max 9,100 - so I don't want to tow more than 7,600).? I'm looking for something that is just a tad upscale.?

The Crossroads Cruiser CT31GR caught my wife's attention because it has three pullouts and a nicer interior.? I like it because it has aluminum frame on 6 sides, enclosed bottom with heated tanks & valves, lighter than comparables, and has 2 year warranty with 5 year structural warranty.

My wife likes the interior of the Sunnybrook/Mobile Scout Titan LX 35', but it is too heavy.? The Titan LX 30FKS is in my weight range, but living area is small compared to the Cruiser CT31GR.

This will be my first RV purchase and it seems there are so many options out there.? Does anyone know of a resource that will help in my search?? I'd like to know of every TT made that has 6 sided aluminum frame, enclosed bottom with heated tanks, and two year bumper to bumper warranty.? Any particular TT recommendations are welcome as well.

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