Looking for info regarding 2007/8 Keystone Raptor 3600RL

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Jul 23, 2018
Hello. I'm new here.

I've full-timed in RV's before and liked it. In Utah with a Jayco 36' (V nice, 4 slides) and North Dakota with a ratty Dutchmen 32' in the oilfields.

I've been looking at getting a toy hauler, but don't want one that has a full-size garage. Only one I've found so far is the Raptor 3600RL
To me that looks almost perfect.

It's most likely to just be me and my bike, unless I manage to rope a lady along for the ride.

Do any of you fine folks happen to know of any other 5th wheels that are similar to the half-cargo area?

I want to set one up for off-grid by adding solar, batteries etc...., but I know weight will be an issue. I plan to buy an '05 Dodge RAM Cummins diesel and hope that will have enough capacity. My bike weighs in at ~800lbs so that with the solar will limit my other 'stuff'.

Anybody here that owns a Raptor 3600RL can weigh in with comments and reviews, things to look out for etc would be most appreciated.




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Jan 8, 2015
calgary alberta
There have been several over the years - sorry i cant remember the model numbers keep looking, but i do kmow as late as last year Grand Design was making one and in recent years Cougar made one too
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