Looking for MS, AL, FL National Park destination ...

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Aug 19, 2005
NW Louisiana
I thought I would pose this dilema to all of you who are far more "traveled" than we are ...

We are in Shreveport, LA ... my son and granddaughter are in Ft. Myers, FL ... we are looking for a place in the NW Florida, Alabama, Mississippi areas (sort of "meeting half way)  that we could meet up for a 4 day weekend ... camp and ride ATV's.  I think the only places that will allow the ATV's is in the national forests and I am looking for any recommendations in either of these states, making it easier for us to narrow down the possibilities and start making some plans .... hopefully for the end of September, early October.

I would like to find a facility that has RV hookups available as we have not yet purchased a generator for the Toy Hauler.  ;)

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
National Forests and State parks/forests will each have their own ATV regulations, varying from "none" to "designated trails only" to "anywhere".  I'm afraid you will have to check with them individually.  You might try a website such as ATV Source (www.atvsource.com/trailheads/) or ATV Trails (www.atvtrails.org/)  for descriptions of ATV trails in FL/GA/AL/MS.

Once you find some ATV accessible areas, you can use a campground guide such as Woodalls or Trailer Life to locate a convenient campground.  Or check www.woodalls.com or trailerlife.com online,
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