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Jun 7, 2024
Wilmington MA
Hello, I am a member of the Jayco RV rallies. We have just started doing them. This is our second and have about 5 more booked. I would love to have some crafters attend or if they can't, maybe donate one of your crafts for our raffles along with your business information to spred the word? Let me know if your interested in any way. Thank you, Lauriann
There are some who travel to rallies to teach classes using their products too. Lauriann, I recommend advertising widely to those attending your rallies. There might be people who have a skill they want to teach others. I have taught some sewing crafts at FMCA rallies. I am definitely not a professional crafter, but I am skilled and a good teacher. I bet you can find people like me at your rallies.
My wife puts on a crafting show every year at our local Elks Lodge. Usually about 20 crafter's show up to display their goods.

There are some really talented people out there!!
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