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Jun 8, 2006
I'm considering a TT, with a wife, and 2 kids, I'm thinking it would be nice to have a trailer instead of a tent.  I've been looking a the FEMA trailers they have been auctioning.  I've noticed they are for full hookups (no tanks).  Would this be to much of an issue?

Are there any other things I should be aware of with the FEMA trailers?

Most of them look like they need some work, but I always like to buy fixer upper houses, I enjoy working on things.

Am I crazy to be thinking about this?

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
It would be a major issue.? Park model? trailers are designed to be moved to a site and left there semi-permanently at full hookup sites uitilizing an outside propane tank from a supplier.? ?Maybe they are moved once or twice a year, often by professional haulers.? ?You are looking for a unit that has provision for propane tanks, 12VDC batteries and circuitry, a storage tank for drinking water, tanks for black and gray wastewater, and a water pump, refrigerator, and stereo that run on 12VDC.? ?

In short, you want a trailer designed to constantly travel, being used during travel, and camping at sites the may be missing utilities. ?? You want a travel trailer.


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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
Though we now have a motorhome, we began our RVing in 2003 by upgrading from a tent to a travel trailer.? We lasted just one weekend in a tent.

I think you will be unhappy in a trailer without tanks.? Many wonderful places to camp do not have full hookups at every site.? Most lovely state parks only have dump sites at the entrance.? The whole idea of RVing is freedom.? Being able to camp anywhere at any time.? To do this you will need a full blown travel trailer.
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