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Mar 29, 2013
ok i  know im asking a  bunch of question but i like to get to know my toys and personalize them in many ways i can. what im trying to do now is i just got a blue rhino lp grill and im trying to hook it up to my rv tank, i have gone to camping world and dees rv and they couldn't help maybe you guys can think of something that will help me out I've included  the pics of the lp grill and the connection on the rv tank


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Come on now, that's too easy. Amazon has what you need. This should get you going. You may need a brass fitting to adapt the tee in.


im telling you they were like ummmmmmmm i even suggested changing the preassure valve and start new and they couldn't figure out waht to do i was really confused that they being the rv experts couldn't figure it out 
Personally, I don't think hooking up to the motorhome LP tank is all that great, but it probably depends a lot on where the tank is located on the RV, and where you like to place your grill.  I like the flexibility to set the grill wherever I like without a long hose back to the coach, but that's a concern only on relatively large sites. And some coaches have the LP tank on the driver side or otherwise less than convenient to the social area of the site. My current coach has the tank midway on the driver side and the previous one all the way at the back on the passenger side. One before that was smack in the middle of the passenger side, so handy to much of the site, but then there was a hose lying on the ground where we walked and placed chairs and tables. It was seldom as convenient as I had expected.

I do carry LP extension hose for a grill or lantern, but my preferred solution is to use a smaller LP bottle. The typical 20 lb BBQ tank is a fat & heavy nuisance, but the slim 5# and 10# bottles are light to move around and easy to stow. A 10# tank runs about $60 at Lowes or Depot, last time I looked. Not cheap, but neither is the tee adapter and a long hose. I now carry both a 5# and a 10# bottle, both of which fit nicely in the same bay that houses the fixed tank.
but isn't the adapter a high preassure? my lp grill is low preassure it needs to be after the tanks preassure valve
Agree with Gary.
I bought a 10 # tank at CW. Already had a 12' hose. The flexibility to move the grill is nice. My MH tank is to the rear.
One word of caution when buying a new tank - it needs to be purged properly. Take it to a propane dealer to get this done. I find the kids at the gas station (with propane on the side) don't have the training.
Yes, the adapters being discussed are generally installed in the line prior to the regulator.  You need to tap into your LP line at a convenient point where you plan to use the grill and install the mating connector to the one shown on your grill.  Extension hoses can be purchased or made to finish the attachment.

I suspect that most connections to the regulated side of the LP system are custom installations, made by the individual owner, rather than a ready made RV adapter arrangement.  Maybe not ???

Like some others, I too, find that I don't use the RV tank hook-up as frequently as I anticipated when I installed it.  Small tanks are much more convenient.
If you want to tap into the RV tank...

I would remove the hose and fitting from the hard pipe in photo 1.
Add a nipple and "Tee".  Replace the fitting and hose in line.  Then in the open hole put a fitting for the quick disconnect. Then you can attach the hose to the grill to that added quick disconnect.

Not rocket science.
    When we bought our Webber Q, I had intended on buying a 5 pounder, but soon found out that I could get a month out of one of the 1 pound tanks available at Walmart for about $2.50.  Just so convenient to not have to lug another tank around, and the price isn't onerous.

ok this is how i want my grill to go and my tank is right in the middle of the mh to the passengers side


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but thinking about it now there is a place where they can make me a custom "T" adapter they deal mainly with propane one guy at an rv place recommended i go to lowes or home depot, what blows me away is i just cant imagine that an rv sotre doesnt have a quick and  proper solution

Camping world does carry the right connection, The person that you talked to just does not know what he is doing.
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