Lucky or not? Water heater element

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Jul 4, 2011
New Meadows, Idaho
Last fall some of you remember I left the power on to the water heater after winterizing. Never the less I went out to fire up the RV because we are planing on sneaking out and using as a hotel room while out appliance shopping for the sticks and bricks. I purged all the lines and load the system with water. Then grabbed the DVM meter.

Element Ohm's out at 10 Ω and has a good 120 VAC at the terminal when the power is on. So now the test to see if the heater actually heats on 120 VAC after being ran dry.  ::)
Working just fine... I managed to do full house cleaning and get everything ready for using the RV. But now looking at weather I end up blowing the line back out and delaying the use of. Weather is just so "Grrrrrr!"... ::)
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