Lug Nut Covers for Aluminum Wheels

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Aug 27, 2010
San Antonio, Tx
I noticed the other day that I have lost one of the lug nut covers on one of the dual wheels.  They are Alcoa wheels and from searching another post, I have found replacement covers are available from  The covers are push on; not screw on.  Any suggestions/tricks on how to put the cover on so it will stay on and I won't lose another one?
They are pretty much available at any truck stop in the country. I just put a little dab of silicone on the lug to help hold them on. An old trucker shared this with me years ago. Just don't put to much on!
The size should be embossed on the side of the cover.  Ours are metric (30mm?) and were not available at the truck stops.  We got our spares direct from Monaco.
I had to order mine as well - the size (33 mm) & height used on my Alcoa wheels was not as widely available as I expected. The height of the covers varies with the style but has to be tall enough to allow the cap to fit over the lug itself. I don't recall the height I needed, but it is easily measured.

Push-on is the standard method.  I've never lost one but I replaced 4 that corroded after coming in contact with some chemical I could not identify.
Thanks.  I did not know the size was on the cover.  I will look next time I am at the coach.  Nice to know they are available in several places and priced only around $5.
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