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Feb 9, 2005
5/12 Took coach off to 2 appointments that stretched into 5!
9am hydraulic leak and the front basement slideout dropped to the ground again, so the repairman fixed that too.
10 am Motosat. Left first place with 20 min to get just a few blocks but was thwarted by road construction and had to wend my way on a circuitous route. Now I have new bolts on the dish and have been reassigned to sat 127.
1pm Best Buy for an Alpine dash radio for the RV. A year or 2 ago I almost got an Alpine, but decided at last minute to get this kenwood... big mistake. It is too complicated. Every change I make to it requires consulting the manual and a whole lot of button pushing.
3 pm stopped at Les Schwabb to get air added to tires. As I have not had an alignment in a long time, I had them do that.
5pm Blue Beacon for a $33 RV wash. I contacted the mobile washing service and they want $170!!! to come to camp VIP and do it on site.

Now I can relax and do a little shopping next week.
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