Management Changes to BLM/Forest Camping

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Mar 16, 2014
North America-somewhere
Yup, read about this on (full-timers). The recent fantastic growth of people buying RV's, then looking for low-cost parking is the root cause of those changes.


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Oct 30, 2021
Anderson, Indiana
From what I've read, it's not the number of people looking for free campsites, it's the way they are going about it that's messing things up for everyone. Here's the issues I see, based on that one article alone:

drainage areas? It sounds like this is an attempt to round folks up to a safer location that does not damage natural water run off, erosion, and land damage. I don't see anything wrong with that. People are stupid and don't care. They have to be wrangled in.

designated campsites and bring portable toilets for use at campsites where toilets aren’t provided? It quite obvious what's going on here? Who wants to camp in a sewer! Yet, a lot of folks think it's perfectly fine to just go out and pee anywhere, on any rock, on any tree. Or worse, leave their TP laying on the ground! Really, this is too obvious. People are stupid, and if they can't use common sense, then someone has to wrangle them in. I see nothing wrong with this either. People are stupid.

Campers are also prohibited from cutting or collecting wood for campfires or any other purpose. This is the rule at State Parks and National Parks. Yet people disregard this rule all the time. Maybe tougher penalties are in order. Yet, self-entitled idiots do this all the time. They definitely need to be wrangled in.

significant damage to natural resources. People are more than idiots! They should spend eternity in jail.

elevated noise levels. They have only themselves to blame. Wrangle them in too. They are more than self-centered, self serving.

unattended campfires? This is beyond stupid, this is just plain dangerous for everyone. If these idiots can't do the right thing with fire, then wrangle them in too, put them in a confined area where they are treated like infants! Wrangle them in too.

conflict with local landowners? Would you want squatters in your front yard, back yard, or sleeping on your front porch? Hell no! Neither do these land owners who paid the price. It's not public domain property, but some folks just simply do not care. What will they do next, come right into your house, eat the food out of your refrigerator and have sex with your ... So, who gives them the "right" to squat on this land?

The bottom line is, these abuses have to be corrected and there are idiots and morons who have no regard for common decency, law or order, or use their heads for anything except self-indulgence and self-gratification. So the "law" has to wrangle them in ... and those who do play by the rules have to suffer.

But isn't that the way our world has always operated? The stupidity of one or two screws everything up for the many?

Western Slope

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Nov 21, 2022
Western Slope of Colorado
With our home located right below the Grand Mesa National Forest come every Spring, the Ute Water Company drive their trucks onto our property leaving our 16 foot top gate wide open for our dogs to escape onto the highway. They ask me the same question, "Have you been taking (stealing) our water?" No is my answer. My property has two of their drainage ditches and a spring fed creek going through it, but other than our well we have no water rights. It must be awful for them to have boondockers staying up on their 300 lakes on the Grand Mesa where every drop is accounted for. Long live boondockers.

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