Marin RV Park?

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I have not stayed there.  It sounds close to the interstate.  However, it is in a good location to get to San Francisco.  I would recommend driving to the Larkspur Ferry one day (it is not too far and is next to San Quentin) and taking the boat into the city.  You can also get a ferry in Tiburon or Sausalito.  SF is a great city to walk in, especially near the wharf.    And Taxi's abound as do buses, and in the right locations you have the cable cars.  I do not recommend trying to drive during rush hours.

I lived in Marin County for about 20 years.  The scenery and parks are spectacular - be sure and take the last exit to the right before you get on the Golden Gate Bridge, bear left and go up the mountain to see the battlements and some incredible views.  Drive at least 10 miles!
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