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Aug 18, 2018
Has anyone taken a TC into the Maze Overlook? If so, popup or hard wall? What type of truck?

Thanks, Chet Hedden


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Nov 14, 2016
San Antonio, TX
If you are referring to the Canyonlands National Park Maze Overlook, you need a light weight camper on a heavy duty 4X4 truck with a 6' bed and short wheelbase.  You also need high clearance.  That is unless they really improved Flint Trail. Also if the camper is hard sided, the truck may lean into the wall of the cliff going down Flint trail.  In fact even the pop top camper may scrape the wall.  A crew cab truck with the 6' bed will have to turn and then back up 5 to 10 feet to make one of the switch backs.

Do a search for "flint trail the maze video" and watch some of the videos and them make your decision on if your truck can make the trip.

In the mid 1990's we drove our 1982 full sized 4x4 Chevy Suburban down the trail and to stop and back up a few feet to make one of the switchbacks.  We also came within several inches of scraping the wall of the cliff with the upper roof edge of the truck.

Having said all that, it was a fantastic 3-4 day trip.  We existed to the south at Hite crossing over the river so we didn't try to drive back up Flint Trail.

We did not try to drive into the Maze area to the river.  We felt it was too rough for our vehicle. 

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