Mesa, AZ mini-rally

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Mar 9, 2005
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Rolf, Shirley, Tim and I met at "Wok In" a Chinese restaurant in Mesa, AZ last night for a quick get together.  It was fun to sit down one on one, cause you find out lots of information about folks..... ;)  Did you know that Rolf was the programmer for the Apollo space launch?  You might ask him about that when you see him again. 

It was a quick get together, next time we agreed we'd plan to spend more time, play some games etc.

And, no there are no photos, I forgot the camera; then remembered Tim had his smartphone with him as we got half way home....<aaarrrggg>.

Rolf and Shirley were really flexible.  We had been smelling some thing in our coach for the last couple of months.  The smell would come and go; but we couldn't put our finger on it, is the dog, the cats, dirty carpeting....?.  The smell got so bad on Tuesday night we were both getting headaches, so Tim decided on Wednesday to tear into the bays and see if we had some kind of leak going on even though nothing was leaking on the ground.  What we found was that the seal to the toilet was not holding; called a mobile RV guy and had it fixed that afternoon.  This is something that most handy fellas could fix.  Tim could easily have taken care of it.  So now we know.  Of course I had to call Rolf and Shirley to say "don't know when the guy is coming, so we might have to cancel at the last minute" conversation.  Of course they were flexible and we had a back up plan which we didn't need.

So, thanks for the get together; I want to hear more of this Apollo stuff.

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