Miami Dade Hurricane Rental

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Aug 30, 2005
Good Morning All,

My name is Patty Thompson and I am a Catastrophe Adjuster.  Currently I am working in Miami Dade area for at least 4 weeks. 
I am in need of renting a travel trailer in the area for 4 weeks.  I would buy it at the end of 4 weeks if the owner wishes to sell it. 

I am going to HAVE to have one to go on to Mississippi afterwards as there will be NO housing available in those states effected yesturday by Katrina.  This is a much larger expense than I expected as I will also have to either have it pulled to Mississippi in 4 weeks or purchase a larger vehicle to pull it with.

My current hotel is booked and I am having to relocate today....where I have no idea as all hotels are booked from Katrinas Impact here last week.  It is imparative that I get settled quickly, every time I have to switch hotels it cost me 10 hours which is 5 families a day that would have to wait that much longer for me to get to them and adjuster their losses. 

Please contact me by phone if you can offer any assistance. 

Thank You

Patty Thompson  214-448-9223


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Feb 9, 2005
You are unlikely to get an offer from this group as most of us are fulltimers living in our rigs and are far to the north.

I recommend renting a class C RV from El Monte 888-337-2214 or cruise america 800-671-8042. U-Haul has tow dollies for the car.

If this living arrangement works out, then buy a decent used RV for the move on to the disaster area.

class A and C RVs have fresh,grey and black water storage tanks and a generator
for boondocking. Thus you can function well without water and electric service if you have to set up in a parking lot somewhere.
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