Mike, Ibuprofen, and Bleeding Ulcers

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I do not know about Ibuprofen and Ulcers, I do know Aspirin is a no-no if you have Ulcers, I guest that leaves the other one (Actomycian ???_).

I still take aspirin on those occasios when I need it... I usually buy the 12 tablet pocket pack and it usually goes bad before I use them all. 
John From Detroit said:
I do not know about Ibuprofen and Ulcers, I do know Aspirin is a no-no if you have Ulcers, I guest that leaves the other one (Actomycian ??? _).

John, I assume you were attempting to spell Acetaminophen.  Your word "Actomycian" left Google scratching it's head and my spell checker in stitches.. ;) :D
Tom said:
Did that mean to not take them together, or not take either one?

Not to take either one. All the doctors and nurses I talked to pretty much said or implied that it was the Ibuprofen that was the culprit. Makes you wonder why they've been giving him those 800mg Ibuprofen tablets for pain for 40 years, huh? They also said no alcohol, no coffee, no caffeine. He doesn't drink alcohol, can't stand coffee and I've converted him to caffeine-free diet Coke.

Anyway, we got home a little while ago with a bag full of pills (omeprazole). Moving out to Riverside tomorrow to spend the holiday weekend with his brother and his family.

Life Is Good
    Glad to hear Mike's home, may have to shy away from salt also. After my episode If I used too much salt I could feel a burn in the spot where the biggest ulcer was. My BP was around 70/40 before I went out....big red truck took me to ER. In and out of consciousness I heard them put 4 bags in me and a hose down the nose.
    The stomach meds are good but have a tendency to become dependent on them after a long period. Oddly enough since my xpant I have gone off the protonix with no ill effects however doc wants on them just in case. Hope mike can someday get rid of them.
    40 years should have caused something...I was on Plavix and 625 aspirin for 2 years which caused my problem. now again Doc has me on just 625 aspirin for heart with on ill effects. Tylenol for pain.
    Forgot..he might want to go easy on acid foods...tomato, vinegar, orange juice...until stomach heals. I'm sure most everyone here has some kind of dealing with ulcers, glad Mike came out on the good side of this.....how did he like that stomach pump....that should be on everyone's bucket list :p
Check the Omeprazole on line as to what it is and is not compatible with. They had to take me off of it because I believe the Plavix was not compatible with it or it may have been my blood pressure med. I now check every med on line before I start taking it.
Wendy - GO GIRL!!!  Good for you - both for getting His Stubborness to call the VA nurse and for changing sites all by your lonesome.  I love it when a plan comes together.  And, I truly am happy to know Mike is back with you in the motorhome.  The reason we came home from Japan in 1950 instead of the planned 1952 was because Daddy got a bleeding ulcer and an unexpected medical discharge from the Army.  That was back in the days when he drank tons of Maalox and full-fat milk because there was no skim milk then.  The bleeding ulcer didn't kill him, but I'm sure the saturated fat he drank contributed to his early demise.

Mike - I'm glad you're out of the hospital sooner rather than later.  Ulcers are nothing to mess around with so you WILL be changing a few things in your diet, not to mention medications.  I'm glad the ulcers are under control.  Please do what you the doctors tell you to do.  And, remember, it's better to have a nagging wife than need the Emergency Room.  Take care and stay well.  Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.

Enteric (coated) aspirin and other drugs are often used instead of the regular type for those who really need to take them for other reasons. It disolves further down the digestive tract, away from the most common site of ulcers. During the initial healing process even those may not be appropriate.

Interesting about the drug interactions. I did a google search and checked out all his meds plus food interactions. Will keep that info handy !

Walt's is a bit more spendy, but amazing seafood.  That is a splurge for us, but o'maleys is an everyday sort of place.

Wendy, I am glad that Mike is (home) and feeling better.  His hemoglobin count was pretty low. Close to having a blood transfusion. Give him a lot of tender loving care.                                                           

All of the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can be rough on the GI tract and should not be used with
steroids or aspirins. That being said, I take 600 mg ibuprofen 3x a day for my RA and 81 mg aspirin daily following heart surgery. Been taking some type of anti inflammatory medication for over 30 years and the aspirin for 4 years. I know that I should not take them together, but I can't get around without the ibuprofen and I don't want to have another heart surgery.

DW drives the MH and has disconnected and moved the MH. I am not sure that she could set the MH up by herself. That will be the next thing on my agenda.

Sue Anne cannot take any more aspirin or anything just acetaminophen.  Half her stomas was a beefsteak and she was in the hosptial for several days healing it up.  she also takes pantoprazole (is generic protonix) to protect it from even that.  She hasn't had more issues since but I watch her and try to keep her on a minimum of meds.  She insists on acetaminophen even though I try to explain how bad any meds are for her, she just doesn't get it.

I am glad you found the problem and your husband will be well.  So many meds help one thing and cause issues with something else.
Terry A. Brewer said:

I think the best seafood restaurant in the area is "The Fish Company" in Los Alamitos

Absolutely by far the best and for a long ways around!!!  The Katella Deli down the street is outstanding also!!  2 of our favorites!

I first ate at Walt's when my oldest daughter was 2, she is now 52.  Then it was a meat counter with a few picnic tables inside and outside.  People came as they were in beach clothes and we had a ball.  Served on paper plates and plastic forks.  Then it got yuppie!!
Mike's problem very nearly mirrors mine which was caused by a daily dose of baby aspirin, taken on my own advice to prevent any heart condition because I do have high cholesterol problems.  :eek: My ulcer ate a hole in my duodenum.  Now, no more aspirin or ibuprophen, whcih contains aspirin, and can only take Tylenol.  It is barely effective, but I am fortunate to not have many headaches or pain where I need pain killers.  When I did have an accident this past spring causing me to get 26 stitches in my leg, I got some Tylenol codeine, which I only used for 3 days. 

This happens suddenly.  A few days of feeling not quite right and black stools, which indicate blood in the body.  Get to the doc ASAP.  I waited a few days too long, and it almost killed me.  Needed two pints of blood to replace what I lost.  I was pretty well monitored for the first two days, as BP & pulse had dropped dramatically.  But I came back sassier than ever.  A few months of omneprozole, mostly to heal the ulcer.  I can still eat anything and everything I want to.  But through this they discovered I have diverticulitis.  Have had no symptoms of it, and many people don't.  So they warned me about not eating seedy stuff and popcorn.  Well, I just read about a study done on this and they have found through tens of thousands of colonoscopys, they have never found any problem with any of these foods getting caught in the pockets, so we are once again enjoying our popcorn!!!!
That's bad,, I also take a low-dose aspirin but do not have any known ulcer issues.

The advertisements used to say "Aspirin might upset your tummy" which is true,, it might, Tylenol on the other hand will rot your liver,,, I'm not sure about Moltrin, but Aspirin is the most effective pain killer for me.. better even than the prescription stuff.
My mother took baby aspirin the last 50 years of her life with no apparent problems. She passed away at 92. She drove until she was 89 and lived alone till she was 91. Even though dertain medications may be good for you, just as many have some pretty severe warnings associated with them. Be careful and read the warnings before jumping in with both feet :) :) :)
If you take a lot of Tylenol it might be worth looking in an OTC drug called NAC600. It's used in hospital Er's for Tylenol poisoning.....seems to purge the liver. Just my .02 but works for me for other things. Previous doc prescribed it for my breathing problems before xplant. It does nothing for pain, just reduces inflammation and cleans liver.
John: there is no known warning that you will be susceptible to ulcers from aspirins.  You will know only when you get one.  Doctors still apparently o.k. it, because supposedly the bad stuff affects a small number of people.  I asked my doctor about Tylenol and the kidney thingy, and he said I would have to take massive amounts for a very long period of time for that to happen.  Something like 7 a day for months or years.  I NEVER take that much medication for ANYTHING, so I am not that worried about it.  Also, I believe Motrin is an ibuprophen.

gwcowgill:  Some people never have any effects whatsoever.  I'd say your mother was extremely fortunate with no apparent problems and hope I do as well.  I am allergic to penicillin and a few other meds, that I know about, and one of our daughters to almost all medications, even those to help her stop smoking.  I had no idea that I would be affected by aspirin as I'd been taking it for years, maybe 15 on a daily basis.  And at other times as a pain killer before that.  So it can happen at anytime. 

catblaster:  I've not hear of the OTC drug NAC600, but it looks like a niacin.  I'll have to take a look at that.  Right now, I'm satisfied with Tylenol, as I really take no meds, other that Vytorin for the cholesterol problem, and vitamins, though it appears that may be unnecessary now too.  But I'm 79 years young and consider myself extremely fortunate to not need more meds, as many so much younger than I am.  I hope to plod along as I am and hope nothing more serious comes my way.

Ane not to forget about Mike, how's he doing Wendy?.
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