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Oct 4, 2009
Eastern Shore of Maryland
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About a year and 1/2 ago I purchased from Camping World one of the Tire Minder TPMS systems to use with my 36 foot 5th wheel.  I used the product last camping season without any issue and stored it away for the winter.  While working on de-winterizing and getting ready for this camping season I pulled it out of the tote of items that comes out of the camper for the winter.  I tried to power on the TPMS when no success, no problem battery is dead no big deal.  Therefore, I charged it up and tried to turn it on, did not happen.  After the lack of success I then called Tire Minder and spoke with a tech (happen to be the one that answered the phone), he had me try some steps to verify the charger was working and some other things.  All the checks he had me do were unsuccessful.  He had me send the monitor and charger to them. 
I just spoke with them today and the tech happened to have the monitor on his bench and had just finished checking it.  They said the charger was good but the board in the monitor was toast. When I asked them how much for the replacement monitor since it was out of warranty.  To my surprise, they said nothing it was a random fluke with the board and it was close enough to being in warranty that they would cover it no charge.  I was amazed. 
I just wanted to pass on this positive experience with this company and recommend them to anyone looking for a TPMS choose this company.  If only more companies were like this one us RVer's would be much happier!!!!  Kudos to Minder research!!
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