Mini Rally in Las Vegas (Well 3 Actually)

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Feb 22, 2016
Tony Lemon and I have been chatting for a few months about his purchase of a 5th wheel and truck and when we discovered we were both arriving in Las Vegas on the same day we decided to have a meet up.

Steve and I met Tony and Anne and their 2 friends Gordon and Dee last Wednesday at the Oasis RV Resort and shared a few beers.  Just to be sure we liked each other we shared a few more on the Thursday and then just to be extra sure we met again on the Friday.

Tony and Anne are a lovely couple and if you get the chance to meet them (if you haven't met them at Quartzsite last year) then I recommend you do so.  Gordon and Dee are spending the next 3 weeks touring the Tetons and Yellowstone before flying back to the UK from Billings, MT.

Despite asking for photos my request was denied.  Maybe next time!

It is always great to meet new friends and we hope to meet up later in the year in WA or OR.
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